In 1733, in a Florence controlled by Gian Gastone de' Medici, the swiss Gilli family opened "The sweet breads Boutique" on via de' Calzaiuoli with great success. The florentine nobilties appreciates it's specialties and starts to meet frequently at the "confetteria".

In the second half of the 19th century Gilli moves to via degli Speziali, right in font of the famous Trianon, increasing it's fame throughout Florence. During the first years of the 1900's it then moved to it's actual location, Piazza della Repubblica, then called Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, wich was just becoming literates favorite meeting place.

During the years of Futurism intellectuals and literates are Gilli's habitues, forming reviews and impassioning political conflicts, which Piazza Vittorio and it's cafè's witness...
...although even passionate characters such as Marinetti or Soffici would had never get into fights at Gilli's, unlike as at other cafè's in Piazza. Gilli became as well a meeting place for artists such as Doni, Calignani, Pozzi, Polloni, Ferroni e Pucci. After the world wars Gilli became an exclusive hangout for young florentines as well as for the first tourists who start to vist the city. It is not difficult in this time to meet hollywood charaters relaxing with a cocktail.

Today Gilli maintains intact the fascinating atmosphere and the always distinguishing stile that made it's history thanks to the determination and passion that the Valenza family, actual owners, put in there work.

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